The Family Imprint

The Family Imprint 

The Family Imprint is an intimate story of my family, as my parents underwent parallel treatments for stage-four cancer. The story is about life and love more than cancer and death. In a sense, it reads and feels like a scrapbook--and is filled with decades of saved loved letters, keepsakes and other clues about our lives, enriching the larger story which I had been photographing for a few years already. For more information, the press kit is downloadable here. 

The book is now available here: 

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Love, Nancy 

Book & Speaking Tour 

November 17th-22nd @7pm- Exhibition and book talk (time tbd) at the Photographic Social Vision Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Details here. 

November 12th @ 7pm- Author talk and book signing at Interabang Books. More details here. 

November 5-9th @ 6pm- Speaker at the Real Life Photography Conference in Canmore, Canada. Tickets still available here! 

November 3th @ 7pm- Keynote speaker at Brushes with Cancer Chicago Gala. For more details and tickets, please visit their website here. 

October 30th @ 6:30pm- Presenter with fellow photographer Gillian Laub as part of the ReImagine End of Life awareness week in NYC, exploriung the big questions about life and death. Please check back for details shortly! 

October 14th- 2 week-long workshops at the Maine Media Workshops focsusing on intimacy in storytelling and book making. A book talk and exhibition will also take place during this time frame and for more details please visit here.  

May 10th @ 6pm- Author talk at the Fox Darkroom and Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Details here. 

Stay tuned for updated event information! 





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