The Family Imprint

The Family Imprint 

The Family Imprint is an intimate story of my family, as my parents underwent parallel treatments for stage-four cancer. The story is about life and love more than cancer and death. In a sense, it reads and feels like a scrapbook--and is filled with decades of saved loved letters, keepsakes and other clues about our lives, enriching the larger story which I had been photographing for a few years already. For more information, the press kit is downloadable here. 

The book is now available here: 

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Love, Nancy 

Book & Speaking Tour 

November 17th-22nd @7pm- Exhibition and book talk (time tbd) at the Photographic Social Vision Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Details here. 

November 5-9th @ 6pm- Speaker at the Real Life Photography Conference in Canmore, Canada. Tickets still available here! 

November 3th @ 7pm- Keynote speaker at Brushes with Cancer Chicago Gala. For more details and tickets, please visit their website here. 

May 10th @ 6pm- Author talk at the Fox Darkroom and Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Details here. 

Stay tuned for updated event information! 





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